Hmong Customs and Social Justice.

In Soviet society lifestyle of the Hmong are. If I know them well, they will find that there are a lot of things pretty good.Worthy of preservation Hmong tradition religion and they are extremely unique. That may be indicative of the prosperity of the Hmong in the past. Which are transmitted from generation to generation until it arrives at our generation today, and help build pride in the Hmong of us.

Many of us probably follow tradition (Tradition) of the Hmong People are strict. Because it is the customary formalities. Is assigned to the norms of society itself. Practices inherited And if anyone violates it may be considered as guilty as the person is married.But also like a lover unfaithful wife Hmong society, we are wrong. 

, but if a couple who had a lover. The two men have not been divorced by tradition or law, the parties died, his wife was up.Her husband nor her relatives to take responsibility and deal with the funeral ceremony. But if the mediation of clan clan leaders from the two sides can not agree. Without one party undertakes her funeral ... it's customary practice is to let the bodies pile up like a dog that died on the streets or not?

The recent case of the Hmong in the United States recently, which is the murder of a husband and wife. When her aunt inclined heavyweights, 35 years old, has been missing on Sunday, June 9 before the officer is found dead in the garage of her home in the city of Altoona Wisconsin on Tuesday to 11 months. May the coming 

of the autopsy revealed that her aunt inclined heavyweights were strangled to death and her upper body was burned as well. The suspects were arrested later Thanks to Mr. Song, 41, who is the husband, the court set bail at five hundred dollars.Yeah, and if he is convicted guilty. He was imprisoned for life.Charged with intentionally killing others.

After the autopsy, which took over a month. Officials have been allowed to take the body of her aunt inclined heavyweights do not celebrate religious. But the mediation of both the family surname was a problem occurs. The dispute became a party to celebrate and Clan Skill heavyweights not reconcile. And each party not a funeral for her aunt inclined. 

, by relatives, her husband refused to funerals by the claims department SAEP heavyweights like. With funerals for four days by the funeral to be appropriate. Both need to be fined about $ 1200 for the Clan faction heavyweights. And for this reason I bow to tradition she had parted with the said yeah then.Considered both the lack of a husband and wife. It also had a history lover. Brought shame to the family party to celebrate.

The relatives of the dead woman was not received as well.Traditional reasons she is considered the daughter of his aunt inclined celebrate because you have not followed the traditional custom of divorce. Song and his clan had killed her. Therefore, the parties should be responsible relatives celebrate her funeral.The department SAEP heavyweights to help and attend the funeral, according to tradition.

Long drawn disputes of two families a month. But the conclusion is not that either party will be responsible for the funeral for her aunt inclined heavyweights as charities to women in the city of Wausau (The Women Community in Wausau) has come out to get him in the courtesy to bring. to Christian religious ceremony Cremation is scheduled for burial in August 1 funeral of her aunt, bow heavyweights are very simple, and bury her in Wausau. In Wisconsin

Dispute the funeral of her aunt, inclined to sound simple Phong take a lot to both parties through the media, radio and social media. Both parties have taken the matter to the Senate 18.Family in Wisconsin (Hmong WI 18 Clan Council), which is now held on the 27th July at Green Bay. So hopefully that will help end the dispute and find a solution for both families.

Disputes over the corpse of her aunt, bow this time. As a result, a group of Hmong women, led by Mrs. Moss hangs up stream of the protests. Cry for justice, equality and the value of the Hmong men and women equally. There is also a call to Council 18. Family about funeral customs to correct discrimination between male and female Hmong. Inequality of male and female Hmong. They also called for a change to be justified by customary law. Social justice and the rights of the Hmong.

As with Ms. Moss said arrears. The funeral of her aunt, allowing the Hmong community can help. Just One bag can have a funeral. However, it remains to be political. I hope to win another fight resumed. It's not fair

Meeting of the Council of 18 Tribe offers a family party to celebrate the forfeiture amount of $ 1200 and arrange a ceremony to all souls. So that both harmonious and affectionate family surname to reestablish the relatives of both parties.

Although society would come to host a funeral service. And her aunt inclined souls Heavyweights will go to heaven conquered.But remember that this case has become a single drop of honey to it. Because the Hmong community to think then that will inherit this, or will change, but the question is how to use traditional Hmong society pretty good in the right way for equality, fair or not. You need to think about it...

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